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Baba Neem Karoli also known as Maharaj-ji was the human manifestation who was all pervading, omnipresent, omniscient and encompassing who could transcend through time & space to serve humanity with inexplicable love and compassion.

His phrase “Love All, Feed All and Serve All” is a combination of small phrases yet it contains the philosophy of the entire universe.

All the religions of the world, originated in any part, in any era, are based on the same philosophy and teachings of all these religions convey the same message. The whole universe, as manifested today, is a result of Love passed on in various forms to all the entities of the universe.

‘Love All’ carries much larger meaning than modern concept of love-thy-neighbor. The word ‘All’ here encompasses all entities of universe i.e. human, animals, plants, air, water, environment, rivers, mountains, earth etc. It covers all being with or without ‘evident’ form of life. When we look at a stone, it seems to be lifeless. Ask a geologist, and same stone will tell him a thousand stories spanning million of years of life span. The profound message of ‘Love All’ has the power to transform the world.

‘Feed All’ also has a much greater meaning than serving food to needy. Even in the process of growing crops or plants, we are facilitating the growth of a seed in the soil; we are feeding the soil with seeds, fertilizer, water, right environment, and in turn get our crop. While performing ‘Yagna’ we feed ‘Fire’ which has the power to transform any material in its most pristine form.

‘Serve All’ is the fundamental principle of every religion of the world. A human birth is a gift of the creator who can serve self and others which includes his creation. Human birth is gifted to serve others, not just to eat, drink, sleep, and make merry. The best way to love God is to love all and serve all. The life will be redeemed only when we involve ourselves in the service of society. The highest sadhana (spiritual practice) is to transform love into service. Serving others leads to educating ourselves and attaining self-realization and self-actualization.

Wisdom tours provide a unique opportunity to follow footsteps of Baba Neem Karoli, by visiting various Ashrams around the country, still blessed with vibrations of his energy and fragrance.

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